The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast

#88. What's the big deal about the CFP®?

August 17, 2021 Aaron Agte and Trishul Patel Season 2 Episode 36
The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast
#88. What's the big deal about the CFP®?
Show Notes

The CFP® is the gold standard in financial planning for individual households.

Trishul recently passed the CFP® exam. And so, in this episode, Aaron and Trishul discuss why the CFP® is so important. They discuss the Certified Financial Planner™ exam, continuing education requirements, the Code of Ethics, and the fiduciary standard. While the CFP® is not as academically rigorous as many formal post-graduate degrees, it is ideally suited for personal financial planning. Further, the breadth and depth of examination material help CFPs® uncover and transform planning-related unknown unknowns into known unknowns.

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