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#96. Here's why the Biden tax plan misses the mark.

October 12, 2021 Aaron Agte and Trishul Patel Season 2 Episode 44
The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast
#96. Here's why the Biden tax plan misses the mark.
Show Notes

Biden tax plan is getting updated, but will it even pass?

In this episode, Trishul and Aaron discuss updates to the Biden tax plan as it makes its way through Congress. Most of the changes target the top 1% of income earners. For example, there's talk of increases to income taxes, capital gains taxes, corporate taxes, and even estate taxes. But will any of this even make a dent in the pockets of billionaires? While Biden is trying to target income inequality, his plan does little to address wealth inequality. So Trishul outlines one radical idea that could change everything.

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