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#107. It's a new year! So now what?

January 18, 2022 Aaron Agte and Trishul Patel Season 3 Episode 3
The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast
#107. It's a new year! So now what?
Show Notes

Resolutions and blocking off calendar, and controlling time and your schedule. Don't forget 401k contributions, ISO exercises.

In this episode, Trishul and Aaron talk about things they consider at the beginning of the year. They double-check savings rates based on raises and current 401k limits, and they evaluate the exercise of ISOs. They also evaluate many age-based topics, such as RMDs, QCDs, Medicare, and Social Security. But consider your big rocks first. It doesn't have to be a New Year's Resolution because a new habit can start at any time. So what boulders have you been neglecting lately?

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