The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast

#112. Here's why you need to spend more.

May 03, 2022 Aaron Agte and Trishul Patel Season 3 Episode 8
The Mind Money Spectrum Podcast
#112. Here's why you need to spend more.
Show Notes

Being intentional with spending and saving can reduce stress and increase happiness.

If you are on track to be financially independent, when is it ok to spend more? If you are saving well and your income keeps growing, do you scale back or use your extra to move beyond basic needs? After you are earning enough to cover regular spending and saving, it becomes an intentional life decision of what you do with your extra income? Do you maintain the same expenses and pursue FIRE? Do you become a one-income household? Do you design your career with your life in mind? As you move from stability to flexibility, it becomes more important to be intentional with your life decisions first, then make sure your finances are supporting your ideal life.

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